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The Newtown Massacre: A Pre-Toilet Analysis

For the sake of argument, I put a “start date” on the beginning of the in-earnest Toileting of America. I put that date at November 22, 1963. No, not because John Kennedy was shot that day but because Lyndon Baines Johnson was sworn in as president, having been Kennedy’s vice president. Johnson, as you may know, signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 and was the general overseer of the beginnings of The Great Society, otherwise known as the American welfare state.

Very soon after he took office, America’s overseas Yankee-Rule experiment in Vietnam began to intensify and The New Left became so pervasive and so strong so fast that, by 1970, American society had been irredeemably damaged.

All that said, let’s take a look at what happened in Newtown, Connecticut through the lens of pre-Toilet America. Could this have happened before the Toiletization began in 1963?

1. The gunman–In pre-Toilet America, the “mainstreaming” of children showing the sorts of mental and social disabilities  the gunman did didn’t happen. He would have been “retarded,” and, before the 1975 Education for All Handicapped Children Act (EHA), he very likely would have been in a special school adapted for the mentally and/or socially handicapped. Had he continued to show the sorts of difficulties that obviously plagued him, he would have probably ended up in a state home doing woodworking or learning trade skills. The threat to society that Toilet-friendly liberals so desperately want to pretend doesn’t exist would have eliminated through social strictures that have been largely discarded. In liberal parlance, this is “liberation” and “social justice.”

2. The gunman’s mother–In pre-Toilet America, divorce was practically unheard of. In 1960, there were less that 400,000 divorces in THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES. By 1998, it was 1.135 million. So, the bar-hopping helicopter mom who was daily forced to deal by herself with the gunman to the point of exhaustion would likely not have been dealing with the gunman in isolation in pre-Toilet America. Dad would not have simply not have been able to bear the social shame of walking out, especially as a wealthy man.

Also, the National Firearms Act was still rather heavily enforced in pre-Toilet America, so mom’s bizarre obsession with quasi-M-16s could not have been so easily indulged. Not to mention the “sexist” social structures that would have probably seen any gun dealer in her community wondering aloud to her husband why she was interested in all those guns, with him possibly have disapproving of her un-ladylike gun lust and ending the matter with a “patriarchal” closing of the family pocketbook.

So, in all likelihood, the Newtown Massacre would not have happened before the radical redesign of American society that began in the 1960s.

The gunman:

1. Would have been under much tighter social control (as all children and young adults were, generally speaking),

2. Would not have been in a single-parent home,

3. Would not have had access to a wide-ranging collection of firearms if he HAD been in a single-parent home,

4. At 20, would possibly have already been institutionalized  in a state “group home” for the cognitively disabled.

But, in Toiletnation, USA it’s the guns and the guns alone that cause these tragedies. The idea that PEOPLE are responsible for their behavior or the behavior of their children is simply not de rigeur in the America built by the Dr. Spocks and Peggy Reeves Sandays. People don’t rape people. Social power structures rape people. Parents don’t neglect children.  Poverty neglects children. And, of course, people don’t kill people. Guns kill people.

Patria Nostra est Latrina.

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